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Cleaning Cases and Bracelets

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Hi All

I am looking for some sage advice on cleaning watch cases and bracelets.
Over the years I have collected a number of watches, some very cheap quartz pieces and other slightly more expensive purchases such as a few 50’s Seamaster’s and my work horse, the Tissot V8.

Unfortunately, due to my job and hobbies a couple of them are starting to look a bit grubby with grime between the links, around the crystal and a few scratches to the case and bracelet.

I am pretty hands on and would really like to have a go at cleaning them up myself. However, before diving in and ruining my watches in an attempt to clean them up, I wanted to do my research.

Could anyone tell me what are the best, most appropriate methods /materials to use when cleaning watch cases and bracelets particularly those made of stainless steel and how would you approach the different finishes, for example a brushed finish.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated:smile:

Many Thanks
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Start with a tooth brush
Remove grime and dirt
Never polish gold plating ..... It's thin
Some marks are ok
I have an Accutron Spaceview, Gp is still intact after 40 years
It's not meant to look new. Lightly buff

As for stainless, after cleaning I use 0000 steel wool. The zeroes are important
Deep marks... I use aa required, a fine file, some very fine sand paper and the steel wool

For polishing I use a Dremel to apply fine paste, there are pastes for each metal...
Important use clean materials. Don't use a buffer if used on a different metal or rouge

Home Depot sells a kit, for a few bucks you really can clean up a watch

I also use the scotch guard type of swirl or small deal marks on my watches, and bought one for the Ti bands and deploy. I'm not sure if it's really a brand, but on eBay some do sell nice stuff. Also use causiously the cloths, Cape Cod etc. these are stronger than one thinks
So be safe. Tape the crystals, work slow. It's an act of love at times, be gentle
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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