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CJ and Jackprime have struck............

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Well, today i was gifted yet another watch,

first off, i want to say, that i have been so very lucky to be the recipient of not only watch giveaways but as well as people who have gifted me watches in the past year....

ill be honest, i have no idea what i do to deserve them, but nothing i can say will ever match how grateful i truly am....

This arrived from CJ(Seattle), today, the original Invicta scooby with the mop dial.......

i absolutley love this watch and it is an Invicta that i have always wanted, .........CJ, thank you so much, had a good convo with you today and i will wear this bad boy proudly....

This was given to me by good old Jackprime ahwile back and i just got around to taking the pics and sharing with everyone.........Jack is a great friend, who anyone would be lucky to get to know.........i joke around alot and call him douchey, but he is far from it...........a Renato wildebeast with black onyx dial.....

Without trying to get too sappy, i have made alot of good friends from these forums, and i just cant express how much these things mean to me........

To both of you guys, thank you so much, and thank you to everyone else that has been so generous to me, you guys are the best
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Wow, If I's have known JP I would have traded ya!!!!:%:%:%:%

Just kidding! Tattoo loves the Scooby and after I heard the story from James about his own Scooby (yea Don, I know..he he he) I had to send it!:b:b:b:b

Wear it well BROTHA!!

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Hey now UK....not quite that old:%:%:%:%:%


dane1991 wrote:
Wow another giveaway by CJ!!!! do you have a thick white beard?? And do you wear red a lot?? You sure do give em out!! And i love that renato, very handsome piece there. Kudos to everyone here!!! :)
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