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My watch stopped working. Someone looked at it and said it needed a movement caliber. Anyone, has any ideas please let me know.
Any recommendations as to who or where to get it fixed? I am in Florida.

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Hi and welcome Golfer ! ⛳

Honestly, if you could find a Citizen store around you, or shop that sells
Citizen watches maybe have them look at it. (y)(y)There they can order
the E870 as well as hopefully put it in your watch. And that way you would
not have worry about sending it off to somewhere. 😉

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Unless there's sentimental value (or it's an extremely expensive watch) another option is to replace it.

I went that route a few months ago. Out with a $700 water damaged Boldr Expedition (estimate for repair at $400) and in with a new $430 Hammy Khaki Field Watch.
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