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I had no idea where to put this since it is so unique and pretty damn COOL.
Movement Freeks are going to love this watch!

Website I could find -

Videos that are OUTRAGEOUS to say the least! This probably needs to be in the luxury brands section, but I can not find a price on one of these bad boys.



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Definitely luxury James! They START at 300grrr!

lol - moved!

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CurrentTime wrote:
:BE Holy Cow, Batman! That thing is absolutely amazing!

The movement is a piece of functional art and engineering! Can you imagine making every single piece by hand (yes, machine aided, but by hand)?

Apparently there are 68 of these being produced!

I found this . . .

The DualTow watch was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Le Locle based manufacture, Christophe Claret. This 3D high-definition video shows off the watches impressive innovations and features. The most innovative attribute, is its unique single-pusher planetary-gear chronograph with striking system. A single-push piece activates three identically structured planetary gears that control the chrono functions. A patent has been filed for this original interpretation of the chronograph. As if that is not enough, Christophe Claret has chosen to add a striking mechanism signaling when the chronograph is started, stopped and reset.
Placed on either side of the dial are belt-type displays. Hours are displayed on the left belt and minutes on the right. A fork was added to serve the time. This unprecedented mechanism is exclusive to Cristophe Claret.
At 6 o'clock lies a visible 60-second tourbillon. A tourbillon would normally be one of the most important complications on a timepiece, but in this case the planetary-gear chronograph and belt-type display steal the show.
The case is fitted with moving lugs to enable fine adjustment to the shape of the wearer's wrist. The DualTow case features sapphire crystals on four sides. One on the dial, one on the back, one on the left-hand side and one on the right - between the pushers and the crown.
The crocodile leather or rubber strap of the DualTow is equipped with an exclusive adjustable clasp, enabling the wearer to extend it easily by as much as one centimetre. This comfort-enhancing feature guarantees an optimal fit.
Quite an amazing piece. Only 68 pieces will be available worldwide. Each piece is unique and has multiple customization options. Learn more here.

Technical Specifications:
582 parts
73 jewels
50-hour power reserve
twin barrels placed in parallel
Swiss lever escapement
Balance oscillation frequency 3Hz (21,600 vph)
Tourbillon rotation frequency: 1 revolution/minute
Hour and minute display on belts
Single-pusher planetary-gear chronograph
Mechanical striking mechanism sounding each change of function (start, stop and reset)
12-hour, 60-minute and 60-second chronograph counters
Operating mode indicator
Power-Reserve display
Sapphire watch crystals specifically designed to enhance wearer comfort
Rectangular, curving, fitted with exclusive mobile lugs enabling a perfect fit on the wrist
Dimensions: 42.75 x 48.20mm (not counting the lugs)
Water resistance 30 meters
Display belts
In rubber with transferred hour and minute numerals
Flange with chronograph five second markers cut from five different stones
Dynamometric crown and pusher
Partially rubber-moulded
sapphire crystal serving as a bridge for the chronograph counters and featuring transferred chronograph hour and minute counters, chronograph operating mode
Triple-blade folding clasp with decorative covers and an innovative system enabling comfort-enhancing 10mm wrist extensions
yea but does it come on a stainless steel bracelet???

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