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well here goes..i love homemade chili over rice when the cold weather sets in. i have served it at my v.f.w. post for many years and i would love to share it with you:

start with 2lbs groung beef or venison or buffalo brown the meat and drain any fat (if beef is used)
then add one well diced large yellow onion , one large green pepper ,
then add one large jar (qt.) uconn huskie hot salsa or other thick brand, one tablespoon of chili powder ,
then add salt and pepper (about one level teaspoon of each)
then bring to bubble turn down heat,
cover and let it simmer low for 30 minutes stir a few times prior to finish.

this is great over rice or roni and freezes well. it comes out nice and thick and the meat takes the heat out of the end product. if you don't think so then use med. or mild salsa..enjoy and thanks for trying..rob a.
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