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I have been a bit late with posting some of my new watches over the past year. I have been spending money renovating the home my mother lives in as well as adding new stuff to my own home. Gets a bit crazy at times including this morning at 7:30 AM when the final window upgrades were completed.

So -

My Yema Superman Swell, a gift from a member of my forum. I have since ordered a heritage blue dial from Yema as well.

Vintage Yema which is currently at watch repair shop

Glycine Combat

Glycine Combat Sub in Bronze

Eterna Eternity which has been sold to a great person who can appreciate more than I have.

Gevril Generation 1 which my daughter has claimed for her own:rolleyes:

Another Bulova Lunar Pilot (ordered a new sailcloth strap for it)

Longines Big Date (Master Collection) purchased from Thunder1

Bulova Oceanographer

Damn, forgot this one, Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Reveil Globe MP6388 which matches up with my black dialed one.


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Think you honestly have been doing a great job with posting
these beauties Alain. :smileyface_hand_cla

Am remembering seeing most of these stunners for the most
part. Except for maybe the Glycines, Eternity, and Lunar Pilot
there. But am remembering seeing the Yemas, Gevril, Longines,
and Bulova Oceanographer, and ML. Wow, they are all really
phenomenal ! ..What a year !!! :coo2l: :thumb:

Thanks very very much for the recap, and all the best with
the house also by the way sir !
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