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Decided that the Casio Royale I owned needed an improvement . So my wife accidentally found this SKX mod kit on line . The reviews looked good so we ordered the kit .
The packaging was well thought out and even included tools for the swap . A heavy and nicely made case without those ugly castings the plastic case has ., with installed sapphire crystal , beautiful smooth operating pushers , and replacement slot screws with nice polished heads. Also included along are two replacement gaskets .
The replacement bracelet option has a super hard coating along with the case and fits the case as the original .
the swap was easy , using only the original module , insert , And back case . All in all it took about 30 min of time . The most time was was spent removing some of the lettering on the insert “10 year battery “ and “5 Alarms” came off . That took 15 minutes alone and was a delicate undertaking . A q-tip and rubbing alcohol did the trick .
I’m impressed with the results , this watch has a whole new life now, the kit is well done and now the watch itself has some heft it deserves.
pictures to come .

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Whoa, looks super sharp 1stiski ! 😎😎

I don’t know what is more impressive, the way this beauty turned
out, or the ease in which you had doing everything. 🏆🏆 You can
bet this would have taken me a lot longer sir. .,A lot longer, AND I
would have been sure to make a few mistakes along the way. 😄
However, you went about doing all of this with a genuine smile,
as well as maybe a hint of surprise I bet. And on top of that, the
finished product looks like it just may have even surpassed your
original expectations.

I mean the watch was great in it’s stock form. However, now the
watch is like this brand new juggernaut ready to take on anything
you can throw at it. 😮 A COLOSSAL cool Casio congrats there
to you sir !!!
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