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here something we do alot.

this is good for anything mexican

1 pork loin(or as lean as you can get)

pork chorizo


unsalted or low salt chicken stock/or water

new mexico red chili's

cut pork into bite size cubes

in a large cast iron or close to it (something with a lid)

some oil and just brown the pork after that throw in the onion,and as much chorizo as you like(i put the whole package in for about 3 lbs of pork,add liquid and throw the lid on.put in over @300 or on the stove top on low.walk-away for 3 -4 burrtio meat ever.

its important to get lean pork as the chorizo has enough fat in it already.

easy on the salt as well!!

red chili if you have it or chili powder will work as well.

great in tamales/tacos.
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