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Just received a new-to-me Deep Blue Tritdiver kit from fellow Watch Freek Carlo (a/k/a "Carlowf"). All I can say is... YESSS!!!
Not only is the watch amazing, Carlo tossed in a handful of really nice bands. I quickly installed an interesting blue weaved number (pictured). I also attached the included compass in case I lose my way to the restroom.
One more thing - thank God Carlo packaged this beauty for the apocalypse; because judging from the condition of the shipping box, I’m pretty sure it was delivered by an undercover pet detective.

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Whoa, that is too cool Clay, on all fronts !!! :D :cool::cool:

From here this epic Deep Blue looks like it’s brand new !o_O
I mean it looks flawless from the beautiful bezel, and case,
to brand spanking new strap, and compass. And speaking
of that compass, it really adds such a neat charm to the
strap, as well as watch honestly. 😀 It just kicks up the
wow factor even more here !

Seriously Clay, it adds just another great layer to an already
great looking watch right?! It’s fun, unique, as well as really
eye-catching. Just like the watch ! Sending a HUGE congrats
your way here !!!

(So nice honestly Carlo !) (y)(y)
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