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can anyone tell me what year this croton is from. just purchased

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im completely at a loss here guys. i cant seem to find date of manufacture anywhere. i just bought it. all tungsten, swiss automatic movement,sapphire glass. model number is cn 307194. any info would be appreciated. even estimated value. ill add some pictures


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Hi Nick, welcome to WF ! 😀

I really can’t give you a time frame from when it’s from, but it
does not look very old. Maybe it’s even from the 2000’s or
the late 90’s but it sure looks great ! 😎 Oh and it looks like
one just sold recently for $250. So at least you have an idea
of what the value is. (y)

Watches like this are terrific I think, just because they are so
difficult to find info on. And are like these ultra limited editions.
No matter what, I hope you enjoy it !
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