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C300 Problems

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I got a used Navihawk watch online. I went through the online videos on how to reset and set time.
However, I have come across two issues:
1. The bottom dial (where you switch modes), is 180 deg. out of place. For eg. when it is in TME, it is actually in AL 3. When pointing to CAL, it is in CHR.
2. The 24 hr dial does not line up with the main analog hour hand i.e. when the reset asks for getting all the dials lined up to 12, the 24 hr dial is not at 12, when the main analog hand is straight up.

Can I fix this, or did I get a bad deal? Don't really want to take it to the shop because I have a feeling they will charge me quite a bit for it.
I am not at all experienced with repairing watches and don't have special tools either.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.:smile-thumb2:
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Are you saying the watch looks right when compared to a image from Citizen or a shop, but activates a different function to the one indicated? Do the misplaced functions actually work?

If so I think you need to take it to a shop and get it checked for damage to the movement and /or is it fake you were sold.

Either way a shop should be able to look at it without a charge.
Yeah, all the misplaced functions actually work.
The reset does not work because the small 24 hour dial is not upright when the rest of the dials are upright.
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