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C300 ALL RESET issue

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I have a Citizen Navihawk Blue Angels with a C300 movement. I recently changed the battery and have followed the instructions (or thought I had) on the inside of the case to short the AR with the + side of the battery. But in doing so nothing is resetting to zero. Right now I am unsure exactly what the AR is, I thought it was the bottom contact in the row of 4 contacts above the AR lettering. Can someone help with how to do this and reset it all back to zero. Thanks in advance.
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Maybe this will help

Thanks for that Tinknocker. After I pull out the bottom right button one stop and then hold down the remaining three buttons i don't get the all 8s in the Screens as I should. Maybe I should consider Replacing the C300 movement.
Could it possibly be that one of the pushers isn't functioning, or maybe intermittently because of dirt or something.

I found this vid that seems to have more info, which may help.

Also the instruction manual, if you don't have one. Just enter C300 at the left.

Thank you for your suggestions. What I have realised is that I can't get the digits to reset and flash. I think it is a digital problem. I have cleaned the buttons, etc. I think Eslinger has the movement for sale, but I don't know if this includes the digital and analogue face.
Citizen Navihawk c300 no display

Im having a similar issue . Watch has been in storage for years and needed a new battery. i have tried to put one in and attempted the ar n + on the battery to ground it but nothing seems to be bringing it back to life the display is blank, any ideas please?
I did as the video recomends and I was able to set the watch right, thank you
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