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Nothing better than to get home from work this morning to meet the mail carrier with a package from across the pond!

Initial thoughts and then pictures...
Way... way.. way better than I expected even with reading review and seeing youtube videos.
As a frame of reference for my gauge of good watches is my planet ocean, which was a wedding gift from the wife. I did not expect to find something in that realm of quality for A) what I paid for it B) impulse buy C) not feeling guilty and having to worry that the wife is gonna kill me for spending thousands on a watch: watch box is full right now so gonna have to do so spring cleaning

So, we have all heard the it's so much better in real life blah blah blah....

Ya, it is..
skip the fact that I got it from C Ward from their clearance sale, thank you very much 50% off.
Skip the fact that it's either a ETA 2824-2/Sellita SW200-1 ( i don't really care for the price)

Here's why, and yes this is the honeymoon phase and she's great and not like the other watches I've dated etc...
It's just the details, I'm not on par with any of the super knowledgeable Freeks here but it looks damn good to me...
Shiny very shiny in all the right places

Case finish: brushed sides, top of lugs polished , lugs are a bit sharp with the strap, we'll see how it fares with the bracelet

Bezel: ceramic British racing green with fine numbers and lines which line up exactly with the indices on the dial which are also very thin but extremely readable. The ceramic bezel is shiny and catches reflection off any bright light, the green has always been a favorite shade of green so a little bias but it's just enough without screaming look at me... very British

Dial: Guilloche wave pattern dial, cool wave that catches the light and makes you appreciate the clean dial, although the writing is affected a bit on very close inspection, I can live with it

Hands: either ya like or ya don't : my eyes are getting bad and this is easy for me to read without my glasses easily.

Crystal: top notch AR is good very readable in all conditions, albeit has only been on my wrist for 12 hours.

Strap: well the strap is nice, curved pins and feels good, unfortunately I have a puny wrist so i have ordered the bracelet. I don't want to punch holes in the strap as it wouldn't look right and be too long anyway. So I pulled a hirsch strap off another watch and it works fine for now.

high polish with engraved logo is nice nothing more to say than that.

Crown and winding: So I don't know much about these things but I can only compared to what I have seiko movements and miyota and the omega movement. It's not as smooth as the Omega, feels stiffer or maybe more precise than the miyota 9015, the crown simply has no play in it. All in all it feels precise like the Omega just not as smooth.

Personal preference, I like the 40-45 range even though it's big on my wrist, mostly for me being able to read the face (old age stinks). My recent beater is a Deep Blue Pro Aqua (see comparison pic)

Well enough of me jabbering here's the pics, I like it. I think I will like even more on a bracelet, but only time will tell, as of this post she's already tried on a multitude of shoes... but we all know that just kinda happens, Happy Monday!!


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