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At least twice a year I visit my brother and sister in law who live in Brugge (Belgium). This time was especially important to me as I am in dear need of relaxation. It's a 2.5 hours drive. My brother has been a chef all of his life and still cooks every day at home. These photos are a small impression. The empty wine bottles are the 'harvest' of the first two days (four persons) ;). I left last Wednesday afternoon and returned today.


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Well thanks once again for taking the time to make it feel like we came
along on the trip with you Frans. 😎😀:D I remember you taking us
along last year, and getting a phenomenal picture of your brother, your
relationship, and just how things are there. Not to mention you showing
us some of the wonderful treats your brother had for you too like this
here ! 😲(y)(y) 🥇🏆It was amazing then, and looks out of this world
awesome this time around too. 😉..I tell you what too sir, I would be
heading there twice a month if it were me ! 😊

Really hope you had a blast. And Cannot thank you enough for the post
Frans !!! ..Just loved hearing about this. this, and I can tell your brother
loved seeing you.
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