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So I bought an Elgin 290 watch for my first project. I'm very new to this all.

The mainspring was not grabbing the barrel arbor(correct terminology?). It was easy enough to give it a little bend and it started catching again.

When I was putting it back together, I broke the ratchet screw (face palm). Does anyone know where I might get another, besides buying another watch to get one from?


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pcb guy:
1st watch I owned was an Elgin - 7 jeweled, pocket watch.
Accuracy was nuthin to write home to Mom about.
Couldn't destroy it with a sledge hammer, and didn't lose
more'n an hour day.
Never once broke the main spring er the balance staff. An
issue prevalent with my Hammy pockewatches I carried
working s an engineer on the RR.

Ever notice the cheeper a watch is, the more often its called
a "Robust" watch? I noticed that after owning a half dozen
Seikos with 7S26 movements. ROBUST? Inaccurate nuther

Lou Snutt
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