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I`m a new member and I`m not sure that this is the best place to introduce myself but I thought I will share some interesting discovery I made after visiting Martin-Baker Aircraft Company in the UK.
I`m a proud owner of Bremont MBII watch and I`m always looking for the latest news about Bremont Company.

I came across this watch while visiting Martin-Baker Aircraft Company not long time ago and when nobody was looking I took some pictures with my mobile phone
. I was looking for some information or pictures on the Bremont website with no success.

Anyone knows what is it ? Red triangle on the face suggests Martin-Baker logo.

I hope that someone will be able to solved that mystery.


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Welcome and nice to meet you. A few of the Bremont staff regularly read this forum and we receive all of their updates press info and post it.

I am not sure the info about this specific watch but I have forwarded a link to this thread to the Bremont representative we speak to all of the time (Mike)

I will post any info I learn. Welcome again!
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