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A few months ago I decided I wanted to change the direction of my collection. I had been looking at Breitlings and was really enamoured by them, not only asthetically but mechanically. I finally hooked up with this very cool Brutha named Roar. He lives in Norway. Anyway, this was my first higher-end purchase and I was a little gun shy being as I was basically buying site unseen....other than the pics he sent me. We e-mailed back and forth and Roar went OUT OF HIS WAY to answer my questions and make me feel at ease. We worked a deal...which went flawlessly I might add, and the watch arrived at my door within 5 days from Norway. I was blown away at the condition of this watch. He couldn't capture the beauty of this watch in pictures. It had been serviced and pressure tested in October of 2008! The 41.5mm case play perfect on the wrist. This version has an all brushed finish. It was the only version of the Super Ocean to have the brushed finish. Of course the Super Ocean Professional is no longer in production but if you are considering moving into a Breitling, the Super Ocean is a great place to start.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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