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Bracelet Suggestions / Help
I am doing a 007 build and going to try a braclet again
I am a Drew, Aaron or ISO fan, but willing to try again
Not a Mesh or Engineer uy
I like the strap/watch tight so it does not flop around
Wrist 6 ¾ or 170 mm
Would like ability to have a good fit (micro adjustment?)
Educate me:
Solid link?
Cuved End?
Whats more comfortable on a 170 wrist?

Tungchoy (same a strapcode I think)

Thanx in advance guys


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If you like a Beads Of Rice style bracelet, Yobokies is good quality and very comfortable to wear. Mine has straight ends but I believe he may have end links to fit the watch you mentioned.


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For some setups, I like the beads of rice, but it is a little fancier than I prefer for my watches.

You said no engineer, so the Yobokies Anvil is out, but the Hammer is very nice and is reminiscent of the Rolex President bracelets. I have one I wear on my Tuna fairly often.

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