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For someone who has recently developed a newfound appreciation and enthusiasm for Watches, Watch Repair, and ultimately, Watchmaking, what are some books (or other learning materials) that you would recommend? My end goal is to eventually apply to a Watch School and become an Independent Watchmaker. But before that, I figured I would educate myself and try to learn as much as I can.

1. With countless of Watches being shown on the web, it can become quite overwhelming at times. Are there any good resources for learning and getting familiar with the major categories of watches, companies, mechanisms, movements, styles, as well as the advancement in techniques and innovations over the years? A good book that perhaps goes over all the revolutionary or important watches? When a certain movement, style was created, etc.

2. Good book or learning materials to learn about Watch Repair. (I figured this would probably be the step to take before actually attempting to learn about watchmaking as it most likely introduces you to all the parts to a watch and overall provides you with a better understanding of how everything works.

3. And finally, Watchmaking. I've heard great things about the old Watchmaking book written by George Daniels, but was wondering if there's anything else that anyone would care to recommend?
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