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Big Divers - Love 'em? Wear 'em?

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Just curious who loves substantial feels like a tank type divers?
i see Budabear post daily in WUWR these cherished monolithic pieces (wish i could pull off) & i have a Deep Blue Juggernaut II that absolutely rocks, i lovelove it, but i've never-ever pulled it off comfortably (small framed) thus it rests neglected albeit looking the part.

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I like larger watches but not in the U-Boat or even bigger (fantasy Russian 'divers') category. My Deep Blue Juggernaut II is a bit over the edge although it still wears comfortably. My Helson CH1 is about my limit. On rubber or leather it can be worn, on the matching bracelet it becomes too heavy. My preferable watch size is up to 44mm.
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