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Big Divers - Love 'em? Wear 'em?

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Just curious who loves substantial feels like a tank type divers?
i see Budabear post daily in WUWR these cherished monolithic pieces (wish i could pull off) & i have a Deep Blue Juggernaut II that absolutely rocks, i lovelove it, but i've never-ever pulled it off comfortably (small framed) thus it rests neglected albeit looking the part.

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My biggest diver is my Citizen Excalibur. I don't wear it as much simply because it is on the bigger side.
I do love this watch though and wear it every now and then. I love the look, the toughness, accuracy, fit and finish, and the Eco-Drive.
Simply a great grab-n-go piece.
The bracelet with extension comes handy in my outings...


Said to be a 41mm case but it wears much bigger, more like a 44mm in my estimation.

The unusual 23mm lug width would be a PITA to mess around with so I just kept it on the bracelet.
Thank goodness it is a good one.

The legibility is awesome, day and night...

Being a diver, I have no problem dunking this watch every now and then...

It may be big but it's good looking enough for work or play IMHO...

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While I'm not a fan of the diver type there are a few that do appeal to me. As far as chunky monkeys I got big arms so big watches work for me. Most of mine are 40-42mm and they all feel small on my wrist.
Lucky you! I think there are so much more options for 42mm-44mm watches.

My sweet spot range from 36mm-40mm. Anything bigger would have to have a rather short lug to lug length, say, 44mm-46mm. Got to be picky.

Here is a very informative clip from our friend Marc of LongIslandWatch about picking the right size watch. Size of the case, lug to lug length, style of watch, bezel size all play importance in watch size selection. If one is not sure, best is to try one on in person if all possible.
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A very good and informative video. I have a rather odd problem compared to most folks. I pretty much live in my truck and stay on the road all year. So I have to do all my buying online. I can't try on anything until I buy it.

Now I have a newer tractor but I still haul the same stuff. Needless to say, I don't fit in most parking lots lol.
Turn that into a positive! Imagine all the watch shops you can visit along the way! You may have to do a bit of walking though due to parking issues.:biggrin1: Nice rig.
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