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Luck boy that I am, I inherited a 24inch diameter solar powered Infinity brand wall clock from a school that I'd helped re-design a play area for. It looked like this when new:

Kind of a mismatched design with the antiqued fake patina dial, the too-small-for-the-face art deco hands & that goofy second hand. The good news is that the movement is a solar powered Seiko quartz (with aa storage cell) with a smooth sweeping second hand in a sealed 'outdoor use' holder.

They told me that it had been hit by something & fell off the wall..."toss it out 'cause it doesn't work anymore." they said. Hmm ... :rolleyes:

Yes, the glass was shattered, the frame was a bit dented from the fall, & the hands were bent preventing movement but come on, "toss it out" ?!??! :eek: NEVER!

After tossing it my car & eventually my garage/workshop, I asked myself: what kind of clock would I want in my yard? :confused::confused:

I want only the most recognized, most famous, most impressive, Father of Clocks in MY yard... that's right, Westminster's "Big Ben"! That'll do :D. Yup, that's it on the right below.

Close up of the dial...

or at least a 24" diameter version of just the clock face ... for now. (I'm not sure my neighbors would react if I were to build the tower too.)

Here's the finished result:

I had to take a few "liberties" with the dial rosette to allow for the solar cell to see light. I also simplified some of the details on the hands. It's much more of an homage than a replica, that's for sure.

What was done?
Tap out & repaint the dented metal circular frame, pull the temp & hydro parts off, custom made dial, custom made hands, replace the missing glass with lexan.

The dial was easy enough to manage but I was set back for a long while trying to find the right length, right shaped hands for 18' dial. That's why I decided to just go ahead & make 'em.

I really enjoyed this clock make-over project. I love my backyard big ben!
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