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I really didn’t want another bidynator, but I couldn’t resist that dial work at the price I stole it at. A Felsa 1560, it will be worn sparingly for special occasions due to the difficulty in finding someone to work on it and finding parts.
Look at the dial work on the oldie watches, just beautiful.
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The more the merrier honestly, right Trip?! 😉 A COLOSSAL
congratulations to you !!!

And yes, yowza, the dial work, as well as design couldn't be
nicer, or cooler really. 😎🥇🏆They just don't make them like
this anymore is the old saying, however, it completely true to
be 100% truthful. With designs today becoming more, and
more similar, rather than different, or unique. Plus it really
goes deeper than just the looks with watches like this as
you pointed out. 😀

Movements like this are as beautiful as any case, or dial
right?! ..Between the wonderful design, and craftsmanship,
and of course history, I don't think you can have enough Trip !
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