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Greetings, I'm john80233 from Colorado. I'm new to this site. First time posting.
I have three nice watches that need the bezel ring for them. Hoping someone may either have the parts or be able to tell me where I may get them. All three of these watches will be nice looking watches if I can find the parts I need. They all run.

1. Omega watch, 2810 RA SC PC 12 1/4L. Omega movement 340 17j.
Omega stainless steel case 2421/4. The part I need for this watch is the bezel (I guess it is still called) ring that holds the back cover to the watch case. I bought this watch at an auction. The ring was most likely lost because they are not aware of the part became missing after someone opened the case. Nice looking watch with case other wise.

2. Omega Watch, R17.8 SC, 17j, serial number 96980xx. Omega stainless steel case number 10402796. This one is missing the bezel for around the crystal on the front.

3. Le Jour divers, 17 jewel, Depthograf self-winding with a stainless steel case. This one is missing the bezel. I believe that this bezel has a tube that has a liquid in it and tells you how deep you are when diving. I need the complete bezel including this tube. I found a picture of it , but can't find it now. This watch has the Depthograf on the dial and the case back.

Thank you to anyone that might either have these parts or direct me to where I can get them.

I was thinking of sending the Omega's to the factory, but I don't know if they would make the parts if they don't have them. It cost $75.00 just to ship them to the factory. I'm not sure if that would each or if I could ship both together.
This one is missing the
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