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Best Pilot鈥檚 Watches of 2022

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Alright, and here is Best Pilot鈥檚 Watch list everyone. 馃檪

I didn鈥檛 see Time and Watches as of yet, but did see this one from
Monochrome Watches. (y)

It looks like most are of the high end variety, but again they are
just fun to see. And you can of course imagine your choices, as
well as your bang for the buck favorites. 馃槈

But here is their list :

Buying Guide - The best pilots watches of 2022
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I'm a hopeless Longines fan. Hence the Spirit Pioneer Edition is my fav. Great style.
Agreed, Great style!

I see the IWC and the Navitimer daily on billboards, I'd run with the Top Gun than a Navitimer, then through in the Spirit for a solid three-point stance.

Thanks Tom
That is impressive, hitting both lists. Hanhart's a name I'd like to add one day. The bezel's the only detractor for me, that's in pics though, it may suit my fancy on wrist.
You chose a winner Hob, the more I see it the more I like it too.
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1 - 2 of 21 Posts