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Best Pilot鈥檚 Watches of 2022

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Alright, and here is Best Pilot鈥檚 Watch list everyone. 馃檪

I didn鈥檛 see Time and Watches as of yet, but did see this one from
Monochrome Watches. (y)

It looks like most are of the high end variety, but again they are
just fun to see. And you can of course imagine your choices, as
well as your bang for the buck favorites. 馃槈

But here is their list :

Buying Guide - The best pilots watches of 2022
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I love the way you think Tom. (y):cool:

That one has great style, and you have great taste ! 馃槈
Thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts with us sir !!!
Before I have seen this article I purchased the Hanhart 417 ES Flyback Chronograph, I first noticed this watch because I am on the Watchbuys email list which is the North American authorized dealer. I definitely can understand why it made not only the list of the best pilot watches for 2022 but in the list of the best chronographs for 2022. View attachment 145837 View attachment 145838 View attachment 145839 View attachment 145840
Oh man, I forgot that one made both lists sir !! 馃槷馃槻

So how does it feel to have a celebrity within the collection? 馃榾
You know I almost purchased a Kurono but then received an email from Watchbuys. After comparing it to others on my short list Hanhart was the only choice.
(y) It was tough choice I can imagine, but the right one I think. 馃槈
And you know, you can always add a Kurano down the road as
well sir. But for now, it must be amazing to have this stunner here. 馃榾

Enjoy Bob !
That is impressive, hitting both lists. Hanhart's a name I'd like to add one day. The bezel's the only detractor for me, that's in pics though, it may suit my fancy on wrist.
You chose a winner Hob, the more I see it the more I like it too.
The Longines hands down. Relatively affordable and a COSC chronometer. Why the Rolex is on the list baffles me though.

I'm with you on Bob's Hanhart Cameron, that one could be on any
best of list to be totally honest. 馃榾

It's got the looks, the movement, not to mention a very cool history
behind it all also. It's pretty fantastic all the way around. And Frans,
I was thinking about the Air King as well, and I guess they picked it
because of the name on the dial, as well as the triangle marker
bringing in an aviation vibe. But I get what you are saying, it's kind
of field watch-like right?! 馃槈

It sure is fun to talk about though. ..Thanks so very very much for
joining in on the conversation guys !!!
It鈥檚 really interesting actually Astro, because it鈥檚 not easy to give an
answer your question, or questions right?! Seriously, I always picture
a Pilot鈥檚 Watch as not having a bezel, and just then having those cool
triangle markers. 馃榿 Not to mention those sharp looking aviation style
hands. However, as we see in this list, not all of those details have to
be happening evidently. It鈥檚 not only interesting, but it鈥檚 even intriguing. 馃檪

Not to mention ridiculously fun to talk about, so thanks a lot for sharing
your thoughts on all of it !!!
The most important feature of a pilot's watch is legibility, the hands and markers have to be easy to read at a glance. Another thing is the crown has to be oversized so it can easily be manipulated when wearing gloves. In other instances, there are situations where a chronograph might be needed when doing bombing runs to be able to time one location to another. Some watch manufacturers like Hanhart, IWC, Breitling, and Brequet manufactured watches strictly for military use, Hanhart made watches in small numbers manufactured for use by the Luftwaffe, and after the war made reparations to the French supplying their airforce with watches. Only much later did Hanhart start making watches for the public, Now most of us are not bombardiers, or fly German Stuckas and have no need for these types of watches we just think they look cool and like the old technology, the same could be said for dive watches how many people need a watch that is 30 bar, I did some diving and never had a need for even my 20 bar divers, they are just aethetically pleasing.

Boy oh boy Bob, I think you knocked the Pilot鈥檚 watch definition right
out of the park, and it鈥檚 not even spring training yet ! 馃槃(y)(y) I really
don鈥檛 think it can be explained any better, or clearer for that matter. 馃
And you are right, we maybe don鈥檛 need Pilot鈥檚 or Dive Watches, but
they sure are an incredible amount of fun. ..I can鈥檛 even imagine this
hobby without those two styles.

By the way, so you are saying the triangle markers don鈥檛 make a
Pilot鈥檚 Watch a Pilot鈥檚 Watch? 馃榿 (I鈥檓 just making fun of myself) 馃槉

Thanks a lot for your excellent lesson here sir !!!
I think it serves a purpose but there are pilot watches that do not have this marking.
(y) It鈥檚 so interesting Bob. 馃槑 I wonder if it鈥檚 more or less Pilot鈥檚 watches
that use those triangle markings. With or without, the style is awesome sir.
OK I looked it up and it is pretty much common sense I am sure you already know but it is just like the pip on a diver to orient the wearer where the 12 o'clock is.

馃榾 Well I did know some of them do light up lume wise sir, but I am
not going to lie, I really didn鈥檛 know what they were for. 馃槉馃槃 ..So
thanks a bunch for looking that up, as well as teaching us something
very cool once again ! (y)
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