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Best Pilot’s Watches of 2022

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Alright, and here is Best Pilot’s Watch list everyone. 🙂

I didn’t see Time and Watches as of yet, but did see this one from
Monochrome Watches. (y)

It looks like most are of the high end variety, but again they are
just fun to see. And you can of course imagine your choices, as
well as your bang for the buck favorites. 😉

But here is their list :

Buying Guide - The best pilots watches of 2022
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First define a "Pilot's Watch". The Rolex GMT Master was designed for PanAm pilots in the 1950s per my understanding and Citizen makes some very complex face watches labeled as for aviators currently. So what makes a pilots watch as to features etc? A WW2 military pilot's watch had to have a "Hack" feature so it could be set to an exact time. How about today where virtually all watches have the hack setting feature?
1 - 1 of 21 Posts