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Looking forward to hearing more about the G344F Sky Chief chronograph (waterproof case).
Many thanks .
I contacted Benrus Watch Company and this is what information I got from them.

You have a beautiful variant of the Benrus Sky Chief there. While there are no specific records remaining, there were quite a few variants of the Sky Chief through its history (1940's-1960's). The original Sky Chief had a 35mm case with a Venus movement and typically came with a Black dial with square pushers and a snap back case, there were white dialed models and even a tri-compax day/date. The model evolved through a few changes and variations through time. The biggest change (no pun intended) came with the latter model coin edge rotating bezel 38mm Sky Chief which included the use of the valjoux 71 as well. One of the variations which is definitely rarer and somewhere in between was the G344F. Your model retained the smaller 35mm case but is differentiated by round pushers and a screw back case and addition of the Vajoux 71/72. I can't say that these were transitional models, but You will see these models less frequently than the square pusher.

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Max, that is one unbelievably beautiful Benrus, and love how Benrus
replied back with such a cool response ! 👀🤯 Actually don't think
you could have gotten a better reply. Wow, so very cool of them ! 😀
Basically sounds as if this round pusher variation is much more
rare than the square pusher models.

Honestly, as soon as I started looking I found a ton of the square,
or rectangular shaped pusher models. But hardly any with these
neat round ones. It's almost kind of like a vintage limited edition. 😄
One thing is for sure though, it's an incredibly cool watch !

For reference sake, I actually found what looks to be a very similar
version here at this link below. It was the only watch I could find
that looked like yours'. Check it out Max...

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