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Can totally see why you are so proud RT ! (y)(y)

It is magnificent just the whole area, with the falls leaving you, or us in awe ! 😵😲
I love the forest all by itself, but then you have this gem, or multiple gems in
the falls themselves. Holy cowza, I'd be visiting it there every week if I lived
there sir. Thanks a bunch for showing it to us !!!

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Obed Wild and Scenic River National Recreation Area, which is where I started my first business, found my dog in 2006, and now live again all these years later. Also visited Lilly Pad Brewery across the canyon at the campground and loved it.


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RT, this picture literally looks like a post car here, it's really incredible ! 🏆
The view couldn't be any nicer, plus I find myself trying to see if I can
catch a view of a Bigfoot. 😮😀..Hey, by the way, have you by chance
ever seen something out there? Something maybe you just didn't know
what it was? In any case, seriously is one stunning place in which you
live, or live again rather. Not to mention have all that fantastic history in
as well.

Most of us just get to see pictures of places like this online, or see post
cards from areas like this. You are very lucky sir. ..Thx a ton for sharing !!!

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Awesome RT, boy oh boy, those are the most beautiful stairs you'll ever
see honestly. 😉😀And it's funny you bring that up because I think that
a lot of people get bored with walking, or exercising too often. However,
having somewhere so fantastic to walk, or climb around in really is out
of this world cool sir. 😎🌄At every turn there is something captivating
that catches the eye, and before you know it you have been exercising
forever right?!

Oh, and the water/waterfall looks like the fountain of youth, or something
by the way. 🙂..Want to thank you for taking us along !!!

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I tell you what Steve, just like with Carlo’s watch builds, or creations,
every one of these pictures becomes an instant favorite ! 😀(y)😉
With this epic picture here today once again looking unreal, as well
unbelievably beautiful. 😲 I mean we know the picture is real, but
you would, or could think this came right out of a sci-fi movie. 🛸💨
Or like I like to say, a breathtaking painting ! ..From the house itself,
to the sunset, and landscape this is yet another unforgettable look
at our Beautiful Earth.

Cannot thank you enough for searching these out for us Steve, it
really is beyond cool sir ! ..I hope you don’t mind if I stare at this
for a little while. 😮 Thanks once again !!!

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Oh neat, isn't that something guys?!! 😵😵We are so luck to be living on
such an incredible planet when you think about it. 😎😀Where basically
you have multiple worlds of climates in one, and also the various beautiful
landscapes as well as epic weather simply amazes ! 🥇🏆I mean how
can you beat either one of these photos?? ..One takes you on this really
wonderful journey into summertime with majestic waters along with sunsets,
or sunrises. While the other also takes you on a magical journey, but into
a wondrous winter scene that will never be forgotten now that we have
been lucky enough to have seen it.

Yup, there's no doubt we are fortunate to be able to view such things like
this Steve and pirbid. 😉😉I really want to thank you for taking the time
to share your world with us !!! ..Enjoy these kinds of days, and cherish
every second.

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Alright that’s astonishing right there Steve, not to mention looks as
if it is computer generated, it’s that magnificent ! 😲😀

I can only imagine what seeing something like that must be like, so
thanks a ton for giving us a glimpse like this sir !!! ..You can literally
feel the size as well as scope of it, and it is breathtaking really. ..I
mean the way it literally looks as if it is crashing out into the sea
towards you is really something. Yet we know it is basically standing
still or moving very little. Wow, and how about the color?! It is this
stunning blue white ice wave.

Like I am saying, if you didn’t know better you would think this was
a scene from Star Wars or other cool sci-fi movie or show. ✨Just
is amazing to see because it’s right here in, or rather on our world.

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Oh my goodness, that is epic #four ! o_O :D Seeing pictures like
this astonishes me because it always reminds me how lucky we
are to to be here. (y);) I know that a lot of times we get used to
where is of us lives and maybe take for granted the wonderful
things right in outer own towns as well as cities. But we should
always appreciate every single second of everything if we can

The people, the fresh air, forests, and parks, lakes, as well as
rivers, oceans, deserts, and MOUNTAINS like this ! :cool: Yowza,
would look at that sir ! ..They are seriously piercing the clouds !!!
Just is astoundingly beautiful ! Thanks an absolute bunch for
posting !!!
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