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BEAUTIFUL EARTH (add photos)

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Trolltunga, Norway
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My hike to Liberty Cap in the CO Natl Monument last weekend.

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Now that’s what I call a hike ! :D

Unbelievable stuff Robo !!! o_O:cool:(y)(y)
Yep. Devil’s Kitchen area in Fruita, CO. We have countless amazing hikes here. These canyons meander 1 hr from here to Moab, UT.

Really is spectacular Robotaz, and may I ask, how long does the
average hike go for? Is it an hour, or two? Or an all day thing? :)
I hike 1-4 hours typically because my wife is not ready for longer yet. At least that’s what she thinks anyway. I’d like an all-day hike.
:) Well that is really impressive no matter what Robotaz !
Have often wondered how long a hike actually was when someone
said that went on a hike. Guess it varies, but that is a really really
impressive sounding hike to me, and in that area?! ..Has to be just
phenomenal I bet.

Thank you very very much for the insight RT !!!
I am lucky to be able to exercise every day. My workplace is on the Colorado River where a 30 mile trail goes by and connects all the towns. I walk 45 minutes a day there at least.
Did I post these here? This was the other day at work. The Colorado National Monument runs along one side of town. It was pouring snow, and freezing rain where I was 2000’ lower.

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If you look closely in the second photo you can see remnants of an old “hanging flume” on the cliff walls. There was a 10-mile long flume built for a mining operation a very long time ago.

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Whoa, is that neat? Or what RT?!!

That would be BIG yes ! :D (y)(y)

Just found this to add in Robotaz...

Is that Havasupai Falls?
I don't think it is sir, but it does look like it. :) (y)

That picture is of an area that is evidently good for white water
rafting on the Little Colorado River.
The Little Colorado has a very deep and impressive gorge right before it goes into the canyon. I wonder if this area in your photo is where the two come together. I wonder because it’s basically a dry river in a very tight gorge. Your photo shows an open canyon and water.
My walk today. Bookcliff Mountains. This is a lake off of the Colorado River. My trail system is 35 miles long across multiple towns.

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Man, it is just breathtaking where you are there RT ! o_O :D

One picture after the other just floors you with it's beauty actually.
Can only imagine what it is like having the chance to experience
just the views every day. Let alone the walks, along with hikes
you take.

Great pics!

Sadly I have to live in a town that is not this glorious because I need a real job. But every weekend I go somewhere I want to be more, but just can’t afford. I don’t see how people afford these little Colorado mountain towns. I guess they’re already rich. I can’t even live in them and work. Too expensive, even working.
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