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BEAUTIFUL EARTH (add photos)

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Trolltunga, Norway
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Oh wow, are you guys seeing these ?!! :eek2: :clap2: Unbelievable !!! :jaw:

Honestly are breathtaking really !!! :smile-thumb::smile-thumb:
Steve, that looks like the landscape of another world there
in the Drakensberg Mountains. :cool: Things look so perfect
that you would almost think they were computer generated
to tell the truth. It’s extraordinary actually ! Love just the
other worldly shapes, along with epic colors. :) Really is
the perfect landscape for that beautiful Eagle.

Yowza, look at that !!! 😮 Thanks a ton Steve !
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Check that out 11 ! 😮 What a beautiful site, and the perfect
spot to enjoy such a stunning sunset. Just the way the water
reflects the amazing multicolor sky is mesmerizing. But then
you have those epic mountains, along with clouds too. Wow,
that must have been some kind of day, and been so relaxing. (y)🙂

Thanks so much for sharing !
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Now that just takes your breath away Steve ! 🙂 You have all
of those penguins lined up ready to take a dip, and then the
majestic, and spectacular snowy landscapes. 🌬❄

Just the colors you get within the sky in cold areas are really
extraordinary sir. Thanks again !
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Yowza, Steve can't get over those landscapes, and how
they look !😮 At times they almost look like computer
renderings, or paintings. It's remarkable to see, and how
about the wild life?! 😃 Just look at that guy, or girl.
Can't tell if they are content, or about to pounce !

Just beautiful sir. Thanks so so much !!!
That is just unbelievable Eric ! 😵 Kind of is like a view
might be on another world, or something, and honestly
takes your breath away. 😲 I mean if we can't actually
be in a place like this, we might as well get mesmerized
by some epic pics right?! Honestly is too cool !

Thank you very much for these otherworldly post cards !!!
Really is beautiful Steve, and have to be seriously breathtaking
to see in person. o_O The way the sky gets reminds me of some
epic painting, or sci-fi landscape honestly. It almost looks like
it could be a special effect, or some kind of CGI, but you know
that is is real. 😀 Can you imagine living there, and having the
chance to see it?! Yowza ! ..Thanks a ton for posting sir !!!
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Steve, that is breathtaking right there, and it honestly looks like
a postcard it’s so beautiful. 😮 ..At first, had thought it was a
picture of somewhere in Wyoming, Montana, or Colorado sir.
Just the landscape, along with the mountains are jaw dropping !
It has to be extraordinary in person, but it’s pretty outsranding
just to see pictures of too sir. Thank you !!! 😀
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Boy oh boy Eric, that is unbelievably beautiful, along with incredible ! 🤯😵
Isn't that something just seeing the house, as well as tree all those
years ago like that? 😃What a spectacular discovery, but also just
ultra cool look at the history of your home. You must be in awe of it,
because I know I am, and that's just from seeing it here on this side
of the screen sir.

Love how huge the tree got, and just the look at the house all those
years ago. Wow, and is it me?! Or does the house basically look in
perfect, or like new condition?! 😯 Really is extraordinary !

Thanks very much for sharing this like this Eric !!!
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Steve, holy cow, some epic pictures once again, and as usual ! 😃😎
Between the animals, their colors, and the stunning landscapes,
and their colors it really makes you take a double take !! 😲😲
It seriously is so beautiful, and perfect, and it's not a computer
generated scene, or scenes from a movie either. It's a 100% real,
and 100% amazing ! Really IS beautiful Steve ! ..Thanks a ton
for posting !!!
Whoa, that's a majestic picture huh Steve?! 😵

My eyes seem to be going everywhere trying to find the best,
or most fascinating part. It's both beautiful, and scary all at once
with the shark, and all those fish ! 👀 Then just the underworld
world itself is incredible. With the water, and the different colors,
shades, and reflections. THX again !!!
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Ooh nice Steve !!! 😀(y) There is something about waterfalls
that puts you in a trance I think. ..Seriously, they are so epic,
along with stunning that it takes your breath away. 😮 Just
the size of them stuns you, but then the incredible site of all
that water streaming off into the abyss gets you too !

Wow, and just the whole area, or landscape around Victoria
Falls is spectacular sir. Thanks a ton for finding this for us !!!
Check out those two jaw dropping extremes Steve !! 😵😵 In the first
pictures you have an unending summer, and then in this one above,
an unending winter. It's just THE best, and also extraordinary that all
of this beauty is on one planet ! 🙂 (y) We are so fortunate it's not
even funny really. It leaves you in awe. All of it !

Thanks a lot Steve !!!
We don't get a chance to see windmills every day guys ! Awesome !!! :D
Between the different styles, craftsmanship, and beauty, and then the
overall ingenious design, and functions, they leave you in awe. 😯😎
Each one seem to have it's own personality, and it seems like there
are all kinds of sizes, and even variations.

You know was thinking how they remind me a little of light houses.
Do people actually work, or live inside of these Frans, and Steve?

In any case, thanks a lot for the pictures !!!
Some of them are mainly tourist attractions and stationary and only manned during the season but not lived in. The one above is an example (the sails are not deployed). But a growing number are fully operational and earn their keep. Those have a house attached to it and the miller lives there. They are the wind turbines of the 17th century and played a big role in land reclamation by pumping vast marshes and lakes dry. They used hundreds of mills for this. It took a lot of time but wind it free. Or is it? No, the Dutch are THE inventors of tax and landowners were able to tax millers for the use of wind that moved the blades! Everything was taxed and nothing has changed. Because of this we pay the highest price for petrol at the pump in all of Europe and now the excuse is 'the environment'.
What an extraordinary lesson sir. Holy cow, thank you !!! (y) (y) Not only do
I know more about windmills, and who runs them, and how they are run. But
even am finding out they have sails that are deployed, and how they pumped
water out of the various lakes, and marshes over there. Fascinating stuff, and
then on top of it all, they just look plain awesome ! 😃 The beauty of them has
to help make paying the taxes easier I would imagine, or hope sir. That is really
something to hear about. If I am not mistaken, I think you had stated that the
high price of gas was one of the reasons you liked 'Land Yachts' from afar so
much, and had an appreciation for them years ago. It's all so neat to learn

Thanks a ton for the lesson !!!
These pictures always get me Steve, and can't get enough ! 😯(y)
The sheer beauty is jaw dropping to me right off the bat. With
just the animals taking your breath away. Plus the look of the
scene, or landscape always amazes me. Looking so epic, as
well as stunning, that you would swear it was a cool computer
generated picture, or rendering. 🤯 Man oh man, check it out !!!

Unbelievable stuff sir ! THX so very much !!!
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Very cool sir ! 😎😎 Happy, or good Rangers Day !!! (y)(y)
Can really never thank those who serve like this enough,
and just learning about this day there is terrific ! So want
to thank you for the post, as well as lesson about the day,
and also all of these heroes. Always learning Steve ! Hope
everyone enjoys the day !!!
Yowza, you guys are in amazing mode as usual with all of
these wonderful pictures ! 😲😎 There isn’t one that doesn’t
seem like a piece of art, or at the very least, a postcard. It’s
really remarkable not only seeing these mesmerizing pics,
but realizing how fortunate we all are to be here enjoying
such a special place, or world.

THX so so much for reminding us about that Steve, and Eric !!
That is beautiful Eric, and was thinking right away that it looked
like a mimosa to me, and then found out they are one in the same. 🙂

What’s interesting though, is your silk tree has this really cool
red tinge to it. It’s stunning, and can imagine it when all those
pink cotton thingamabobs bloom on it ! 😮

Man oh man thanks for posting Eric !!!

Nik, that looks like paradise up there honestly, and how about
the waterfall, and wrist shot?! o_O It takes your breath away, or
they take your breath away to be more specific. Thanks very
much for the post, and glad you got to visit your family ! (y)
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😉You know what Eric?! Have learned a lot on this end today sir. 🙂

THX a lot !!!
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