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Hi everyone, i have an Ingersoll watch. Its the Grand Canyon 4 edition and it is very nice. Its an automatic watch. But recently, my watch stop working. I try to wind it by turning the crown clockwise 30-40 and it is still not working. Does anyone have any idea about this ?
Thanks you very much

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I looked up your watch, to see the movement it has.
Heres the thing. Automatic watches have lots of tiny tiny parts in them. The smallest hair or fiber can stop a movement cold. If the fiber is in the right place, it could cause intermittent timing issues like timing perfect, then all of a sudden loosing 30 seconds in 4 hours. Those tiny watch parts can be stopped up by a hair that slipped past quality checks.
But thats one of the worst case scenarios.
The other I can think of is a broken part, like a balance staff, a pallet lever, or a loose/broken jewel{s}. These things usually happen because of a hit or a shock to the watch movement. Most basic automatics handle shocks very well until that one hardest time. It happens.
The lesser bad things it could be are loose/broken auto winding rotor or a part connected to it. Also possibly it may be a broken mainspring.
The only way to know for sure is to have a trained eye look at it. Posting some good HD pictures of the watch movement front and back could possibly allow me or some other watch repair guy to see what may be wrong from afar. Barring that take it somewhere to have it looked at, it COULD be a simple fix.
If it is under warranty, right away send it back. DO NOT OPEN THE WATCH if it is under warranty. Most watch warranties do not cover damage resulting from a drop or a hit, which is how they would view a broken part like a balance staff or broken pallet lever. But if its a hair in the movement or some other obstruction, you may have a case if the watch hasn't been opened.
Hope it helps
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Rod knows his stuff, take his comments to heart.

Also, I'd like to note, that I have 3 coworkers who all bought various Ingersol watches in the past couple years, and all three have had to send them in for movement repair/servicing. They are good looking pieces, but I fear their quality control may have been having issues just from the small sample size I have seen.

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Exactly. Follow Rod's suggestions. You wont go wrong.
Nuther words, I second Ganson's comment.
I bought a Vostok automatic which ran intermittently.
Took it to my local watch guy and he found metal fragments
in the movement. Guess Svetlana wasn't playing her A game
the day she cased it. Haven't Russkies ever heard of casing
watches in dust, residue free clean rooms? Seems not!!!

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