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Atowak Ettore Review

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Boy oh boy, would you look at that ! :Do_O Yowza, incredible sir !;)
This really is like one of those amazing jump hour watches from
the 60’s/70’s, but then also reminds you of something modern and
wild from Urwerk right?! 🛸I love it ! ..It looks extraordinary here
by itself, but then is out of this world cool on the wrist imho. Wow,
it really does look like a space ship from some epic sci-fi movie,
or series. ✨From the case, and crown, to magnificent dial, this
one’s a looker !

It seriously is hypnotic if you ask me and I could just stare at that
ultra cool color wheel spinning all day and not even check the time. 😄
Although it seems like it’s nice and reliable movement wise of course.
And it just ticks all the boxes quality, value for money AND design.
This is a 5 star watch as well as review as usual sir ! Thanks very
very much for posting Wiggles !!!
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Great review! Well described and good, crisp and clear videography!
The watch is cool too! Very different. Unusual seems to be a fad these days, companies trying to outdo each other with wild designs. The idea behind this watch is the same as behind the spaceship watch reviewed on the utube channel "the Swiss watch gang" recently. Unusual is great in my book, and I am happy with this recent trend. Though telling time takes some getting used to, it's still easier than on a binary watch.
One thing that would improve readability in my opinion, would be if the 3 hour indexes on the 36h wheel would be outlined in red. I could mod that for you Wiggles 😉.
Nice job, and thank you for bringing awareness of this watch to the rest of us freeks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts