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I just wanted to relate some positive information on a vendor.

The Golana I just recieved (along with several other watches) came from Ashford,

These guys have given me top notch service.

The watches have always been packaged very well, and usually ship promptly.

Watches arrive brand new with all original packaging in excellent condition.

Much of the stuff they carry would be considered "high end" but they run many good sales.

There's usually some nuggets to be found.

I'll go out on a limb here and say please do not hesitate to order from this company.

This is my opinion drawn from my own experience, your mileage may vary. :)

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Thank you Toe for the information. I will have to check them out. ....Bob
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I know Alan has bought from them and I believe he had a great transaction. I'm looking at their Hamilton's to possibly buy another. They do have some of the best deals on the net.
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Thanks for the feedback. I always like to hear who is good to deal with when it comes to watch vendors. Thanks!!
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I have recently bought a Movado 45mm and a Hammy and I got great service. They both came packaged as new with free gift bags.
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