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Anyone have any experience with this band??

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I just got my Apple Watch it's the 42mm Series 2 and I was telling my friend I was searching for a leather band for it and she found that one. Wondering if any of you can give insight into how good or bad it might be. Thanks in advance.
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This watch band is perfect. It is exactly what it shows, you can wear this anywhere anytime, I enjoy wearing it at work and out at night because it looks amazing with the iwatch. I have tested it at the gym and the material works fantastic there as well no weird rubbing and it takes sweat very well. Haven't had a single issue yet!
Agree!!I have ordered it! It's very nice and the leather is very comfortable.i love it!!:smile-thumb:

apple isn't a watch its a computer co. do you talk to your watch?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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