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All items start out at $1.00 - before the auction is open. This allows potential buyers to look over the merchandise they are interested in. Once I have determined what I'm interested in, I do my due diligence and investigate the value of the merchandise I'm interested in. I use Google, Ebay and other sites as well as information I have here at home. I have even gone to a jeweler for information. Now I can set a budget for each item I am interested it. Anything that goes over my budget, I stop bidding on.The actual bidding starts after the auction opens up. I have never, ever seen a Rolox go for a buck. They start out at that price and always end up at or around $3000.00 and more. I have used other auction sites and have found FBA Auctions the best. The discription of their merchandise is accurate. Delivery of won items is fast and Customer Service is very helpful - and guess what? You always get a LIVE person. Keep in mind that there is a 17% Buyers Premium on every winning bid and shipping prices range from $12.00 all the way up to $70.00 or $80.00 and above depending on the weight of the item you won. Hope this helps.....Aleka
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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