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Man oh man, Thailand really is a genuine Horological Hub it seems Bob ! 🤯🥇
Because I remember hearing how Seiko has more cool watches there then
you can shake a stick at, and that's on top of their regular releases. 😎..It's
like these watch brands know that you basically have a country of watch fans
no matter where you look. So they genuinely look to thank everyone by having
these kinds of special watches. (y)(y)

With ML evidently being the latest outstanding company to join in on the fun. 😀
I mean holy cowza, if you we were going to want to pick out our first Maurice
Lacroix, I can't think of a more dynamic way of going about it. Because the
red rocks, and is so different, plus you know not that many people are going
to have it. It's pretty terrific, both the watch, as well as the whole way the watch
community is over there sir !

Wow, just wow, thanks so so much for posting !!!
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