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I love hanhart's size and complication, but I can't bear the coin edge style, to my eye something cirounding the size and style of the numerals with the geomety of the dial / bezel and sub dials just throws me off. They have a particular field watch I'm fond of (i'm a hanhart fan), and I like a panda (with a flipping fly back feature --that rocks) but there's something that doesn't fit for me in the cemetry of the look.
This Kurono is really something beautiful. The date window (not a fan of dates) is very well done, the fit and finish are supurb. The handsets, dial and signiture are great. This is a wonderful looking piece; the size makes it a pass for me, especially with such small sub dials. I would love to see this one and handle it, even given the flyback of the hanhart I would much rather play with this one.

The more i think the more i would choose the Kumoro. The size is off putting, but the cemetry and coin bezel just wont sit.

What would your third choice be???
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