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ANNOUNCEMENT: Regarding any defective Automatic Speedways

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This was posted on another forum by a person who sells watches on television. It was sent to me anonymously from someone. I am re-posting here for 1 REASON ONLY - because it mentions possible fixes to people who purchased one of these watches and is having problems with them. If you purchased one of these "reserve" automatic speedways and are now having problems please contact rebecca at Invicta on Monday and mention the announcement below and the promises of help mentioned below if needed.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Regarding any defective Automatic Speedway
Ok guys, this is more from me personally at this point, not anything really "official" as of yet.

Before I get into this, let me just say that this is BS. You should never have to expect any degree of defects from any Invicta at any price point, but especially not at nearly $1,000 and with such an exotic and highly touted movement.

I take this personally because I have dealt with D-D modified movements and have never seen an issue EVER, so knowing this, I excitedly worked all of you up to a fever-pitch over this exotic and expensive movement. Heck, I OWN watches with D-D modified movements that I paid well over $3,000 for that have performed flawlessly for YEARS, so I expected no less, especially given the history of perfection in the auto Speedway lineage.

I'm pissed and I'm merely the guy that sells 'em. So I completely undrstand how YOU feel as the ones who BOUGHT them.

Eyal is pissed too, let me assure you. He is out of the country right now, but we have talked about this. I'm very certain there will be some loud meetings between him and Dubois-Depraz over this.

He has asked me to work closely with Rebecca to get this resolved. Nothing can possibly be done right away because she will not even see the messages until at least Monday. I would expect that within a week, we should have some answers for you.

What should we expect? What can be done really except for Invicta to have you send them in (at no charge to you, of this I can assure you personally), and replace/repair as needed. Nothing can be done overnight, so there will be a wait. But really...what else is there that can be done. So this is what I would expect... maybe Rebecca has a better solution... I don't know.

Just know that I feel for you, and I totally understand your level of expectation when buying a Reserve Collection time piece, and totally understand your level of frustration about all of this. All I can say is "I'm Sorry" although that means nothing in the grand scheme of things... but as the guy who sells 'em, not makes 'em... it's all I can offer. I offer also to stay on top of this and to help you as best I can as well as assist Eyal as best I can.
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Why oh, why. Why do I have to close another thread....Why? Because this thread was meant for anyone having issues with the Invicta Speedway Reserve DD, to know that there is a solution in progress ( i guess) if you have a broken one or issues with the watch in question, but yet again, its a bashing Invicta thread, and one that I have heard a million times, and I am the last thing from an Invicta supporter, but it just gets old after awhile.

Watchride, Ron has his own views and own opinions, just like everyoen else, you dont have to agree with him, but no need to call him out or anyone else for that matter. Obviously for Ron, $800 isnt that big of a deal , and obviosly, to someone like you and I , it is, . I agree, that if it happened to me with the purchase of this watch, for the price it was selling I would be pissed to say the least. But for both of you, Rip, and watchride, Realize that even though you might not be affected, or that you are affected, others might feel the opposite of you do, and lets try and be respectful of that, We all come from different walks of life, and not everyone will agree, thats human nature, but lets play nice...

Lets all realize something, and something, that i have posted before and Im sure will again in the future. These forums are suppposed to be fun, imformative, for finding new watches, and making new internet friends. Lets remember that, In the end, we are all here because of a common interest, WATCHES. Lets remember that, and in the end, its a freakin watch and a brand , not life and death, so lets not get so heated when someone does not agree with us, and just realize its there point of view or opinion.

Lets get this thread back on track and lets not make me close it down. :)
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Watchride wrote:
RipitRon wrote:
Sure I would the only difference is I would have paid for Overnite freight to have them if necessary. And if they didnt have them in stock then I would have returned them for a refund and bought a new style from someone else. Maybe I am the crazy one, but this kind of stuff just does not bother me at all.

Spaceview wrote:
Well put James, kind of reminds you of Toyota's business practices, or maybe that is big business. Dont be fooled people Nobody gives a $hit about you as an individual accept family. It is and always will be about the Almighty dollar PERIOD!!! And for those of you who love this Collecting that much that it is stressful because of failure.....I say reevaluate whats truly important in life and chill, its just a watch. Passion is one thing, obsession is another. Last week I took Gina's car to have its annual Dyno tune session, change all the fluids and get it ready for driving season. Well on the way to the dyno it starts running like crap. After Jeff my tuner trouble shoots, goes over the car with a fine tooth comb he finds that the brand new set of Injectors I paid $800.00 for last year where bad. Well Guess what people, I got online and bought another $800.00 set of Injectors. Now I guess I could have gotten upset, I guess I could have been disappointed, I guess I could have cried. But what am I going to do? I did what I had too to make it right, and the following business day I called to see about getting them returned for a refund and long behold, I was going to have to pay too get them serviced because they where out of warranty. Well ok so be it, I guess I will just bite the bullet, pay the extra coin and have a spare set. My Point is Stress is self induced, and it isnt life of death!!!
I agree with MOST of what is stated above and in some of the other posts...and here's the but, warranty should be warranty - - and damaged goods are damaged goods. I'm sorry the injectors you bought only lasted a year but they were out of warranty when they failed. Yes, it sucks and you moved on. However, would you have felt different if they failed out of the box? I recently purchased a new Dell laptop for the office....dead out of the box. I called them, they sent me a prepaid mailing label via e-mail immediately and they shipped me a NEW one before they even got the old one back.....they didn't make me pay to return my damaged goods, they didn't fix it over several weeks....I had a new one in 48 hours. That is what I expect and that is why I buy from Dell...and for the record the laptop cost less than a $1000, so price is not the issue either. I had a similar expeeience with an HP printer several months ago. Do I still buy from HP and Dell...YES, Why? Because they provided CS that met my expectation. My issue with Invicta has always been the CS after the sale...from repairs to parts to accessories. As a result I just don't buy from them stress for me....
Man nothing ever seems to bother you.Must be nice.You had to go out and spend another $800 and ask if you should be upset.Most people would be very upset.You always show up on these kind of threads and tell us "we should chill out" or "it's just a watch" or whatever.Just because you can lose $800 and not be upset doesn't mean the rest of the world can.You remind me of a guy on the other forum that always used to get on these kind of threads and say "if it's an under $500 watch I just throw it away".Well to most Americans (even rich ones) $500 and $800 is a lot of money.Too much to throw away.I understand that mechanical things fail sometimes but when they put you through hell to get your warranty honored it is stressful.What if they sent you 16 defective sets of injectors in a row?What if it took over a year and a half and you still ended up with a defective set?Would that upset you?Just because you have had a rosy relationship with Invicta doesn't mean those of us that haven't don't have the right to be upset.I know that watches or anything else you buy aren't as important as your family.I understand that perfectly.I do have the right however to be upset when something I paid my hard earned money for fails.Especially after having a bunch of smoke blown up my rear about how great the craftsmanship of the item is("Only our best watchmakers work on the reserve line").I'm really not trying to be an a** or to start a fight with you but enough with the everyone should be happy because Rip is happy thing.Please.

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I am not going to allow any personal attacks on members of this forum whether you agree or disagree with their position. I am closing this thread because it has heading in a direction away from the OP despite previous efforts to keep it on track.
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This thread has been closed but I wanted to post the most recent Announcement update that was posted today on the unofficial Invicta forum. This came from the same person who made the Announcement in the first post I made in this thread.

Details on Auto Speedway repair plan >>>>

Again, you have two choices, use whichever works best for you.

1) Send back to ShopNBC for a refund, or to repurchase a new one. You received a defective watch, no way you should put up with that.

2) If you want to keep YOURS, and need it repaired by Invicta, please follow the instructions below. Your cases will be made a priority, so the turn-around time will be a bit quicker than usual for a Swiss repair.

Here is what I received back from Rebecca....

I have notified the CS and repair departments here that in regard to these particular watches (models 207-208-209) with the issue noted below we can waive all repair costs and S/H charges.
Please advise the customer that they can send it here and we will be sure to repair the problem ASAP. They can call our CS department to open a verbal case, or open an e case online, and let them know that they are sending the watch in and Rebecca waived all S/H and repair costs.
So as you see, there will NOT be any charge whatsoever to you for this inconvenience. If for some reason a CS operator mistakenly tells you that there is, please read this message to them from Rebecca. If you need any further help, LMK and I will back you up all the way....


Thread closed again.
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Additional New Info posted - again by the same person on another forum about this situation.

Title of the new update post: I just spoke with Eyal about the Speedway issues

Hey gang.

As promised, I did follow-up with Eyal on this issue. He just called me at home and we talked about it

He flew into Minneapolis TODAY (2 days earlier than planned) to pull all Speedway inventory from ShopNBC to have sent back home to Florida for re-inspection. I had asked him to make sure that ShopNBC does not go ahead with their plans of re-airing them this weekend (not all Shop departments were aware of the issue), and instead of just calling to have them cancel the airings... he freakin' FLEW HERE early to do it in person.

He has had many conference calls with the folks at D-D and they are jointly looking into the issue. Invicta had several large scale projects in the works with D-D that are now ON HOLD until Eyal sees that D-D can take care of this issue. All involved believe the issue is a D-D issue. Whether or not Invicta could or could not have caught all of the defects through basic inspection aside... the problem began with how the chrono plate was built, and this was done purely by D-D.

Eyal is accepting fault and blame for the issues, but D-D as I understand it is owning up to their responsibilities as well, so in the end... this means we should never expect to see such an issue in the future. All of the remaining pieces ShopNBC owns will go back to Invicta in Florida, and any not passing Eyal's inspection go to D-D in Switzerland for a total rebuild so that HOPEFULLY we can offer them again in the future without worry.

Eyal is not only concerned, but feels terrible about the inconvenience caused to all of you that received a bum watch. This is why he has made all Speedway Elite repairs "priority" above all others, in hopes of expediting the repair. Eyal was out of the country when these began to deliver and the problems first arose... and yes he of course has a computer, and it works out of the country... that's not the point when we say "Eyal was out of the country", the point was that he was deep in meetings morning to night (at 6 hours AHEAD of his home time zone) and delegated Rebecca and myself to talk to those having issues. He created the solution with Rebecca, Rebecca is executing his instructions, and I'm relaying all info that I possibly can to you personally.

Eyal has asked me to relay his personal apologies to everyone over these issues, and hopes that he can make this up to everyone by getting to the bottom of the problem, fixing it, and moving on having learned from this experience.

I hope this helps.

This thread will remain closed. I will continue to post the updates as they are sent to me.
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