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ANNOUNCEMENT: Regarding any defective Automatic Speedways

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This was posted on another forum by a person who sells watches on television. It was sent to me anonymously from someone. I am re-posting here for 1 REASON ONLY - because it mentions possible fixes to people who purchased one of these watches and is having problems with them. If you purchased one of these "reserve" automatic speedways and are now having problems please contact rebecca at Invicta on Monday and mention the announcement below and the promises of help mentioned below if needed.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Regarding any defective Automatic Speedway
Ok guys, this is more from me personally at this point, not anything really "official" as of yet.

Before I get into this, let me just say that this is BS. You should never have to expect any degree of defects from any Invicta at any price point, but especially not at nearly $1,000 and with such an exotic and highly touted movement.

I take this personally because I have dealt with D-D modified movements and have never seen an issue EVER, so knowing this, I excitedly worked all of you up to a fever-pitch over this exotic and expensive movement. Heck, I OWN watches with D-D modified movements that I paid well over $3,000 for that have performed flawlessly for YEARS, so I expected no less, especially given the history of perfection in the auto Speedway lineage.

I'm pissed and I'm merely the guy that sells 'em. So I completely undrstand how YOU feel as the ones who BOUGHT them.

Eyal is pissed too, let me assure you. He is out of the country right now, but we have talked about this. I'm very certain there will be some loud meetings between him and Dubois-Depraz over this.

He has asked me to work closely with Rebecca to get this resolved. Nothing can possibly be done right away because she will not even see the messages until at least Monday. I would expect that within a week, we should have some answers for you.

What should we expect? What can be done really except for Invicta to have you send them in (at no charge to you, of this I can assure you personally), and replace/repair as needed. Nothing can be done overnight, so there will be a wait. But really...what else is there that can be done. So this is what I would expect... maybe Rebecca has a better solution... I don't know.

Just know that I feel for you, and I totally understand your level of expectation when buying a Reserve Collection time piece, and totally understand your level of frustration about all of this. All I can say is "I'm Sorry" although that means nothing in the grand scheme of things... but as the guy who sells 'em, not makes 'em... it's all I can offer. I offer also to stay on top of this and to help you as best I can as well as assist Eyal as best I can.
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Could this be????? Their ....................... Waterloo????? !!!!! :BE
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DenFromNM wrote:
WOW another Invicta fiasco, LOL what next???? I'd sure hate to be Jim and Mike this weekend.
Den................ I don't believe it has any impact on them whatsoever. They're still gonna sell like hell and the Speedway issue is "an aside". So far the list continues to grow of defective timepieces. James is right. A mere blip or hiccup in their sales structure. Those of us that follow the brand and like the brand are at least aware of what goes on and if we choose to purchase, we do it knowingly that the "after the sale" support & service is a total "fubarism" and I am speaking from multiple experiences. Fortunately for me, it wasn't about a $1000 piece that is touted as being worth much more. I was a staunch supporter of Invicta/Eyal at one time, but when you get burnt and treated with less than respect by their C/S department, well let's just say then there is valid reason not to support. What amazes me is that blip on no blip, I could not sit in those chairs and do a presentation knowing just how many corners have been cut to move this piece. I just couldn't. My father taught me alot about business. Old School business. Ethics, honor and such. Do the right thing. He said many things to me that I still quote. One of them ............ "Treat people the way that you would like to be treated and it will come back to you in aces." This kind of philosophy is non existant in a company such as Invicta. If it was, they'd do a much better job from A to Z. The fact that there is a marketing genious at the helm of the company is the reason for success cause it sure ain't its reputation. JMHO.
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Spaceview wrote:
Well put James, kind of reminds you of Toyota's business practices, or maybe that is big business. Dont be fooled people Nobody gives a $hit about you as an individual accept family. It is and always will be about the Almighty dollar PERIOD!!! And for those of you who love this Collecting that much that it is stressful because of failure.....I say reevaluate whats truly important in life and chill, its just a watch. Passion is one thing, obsession is another. Last week I took Gina's car to have its annual Dyno tune session, change all the fluids and get it ready for driving season. Well on the way to the dyno it starts running like crap. After Jeff my tuner trouble shoots, goes over the car with a fine tooth comb he finds that the brand new set of Injectors I paid $800.00 for last year where bad. Well Guess what people, I got online and bought another $800.00 set of Injectors. Now I guess I could have gotten upset, I guess I could have been disappointed, I guess I could have cried. But what am I going to do? I did what I had too to make it right, and the following business day I called to see about getting them returned for a refund and long behold, I was going to have to pay too get them serviced because they where out of warranty. Well ok so be it, I guess I will just bite the bullet, pay the extra coin and have a spare set. My Point is Stress is self induced, and it isnt life of death!!!
I agree with MOST of what is stated above and in some of the other posts...and here's the but, warranty should be warranty - - and damaged goods are damaged goods. I'm sorry the injectors you bought only lasted a year but they were out of warranty when they failed. Yes, it sucks and you moved on. However, would you have felt different if they failed out of the box? I recently purchased a new Dell laptop for the office....dead out of the box. I called them, they sent me a prepaid mailing label via e-mail immediately and they shipped me a NEW one before they even got the old one back.....they didn't make me pay to return my damaged goods, they didn't fix it over several weeks....I had a new one in 48 hours. That is what I expect and that is why I buy from Dell...and for the record the laptop cost less than a $1000, so price is not the issue either. I had a similar expeeience with an HP printer several months ago. Do I still buy from HP and Dell...YES, Why? Because they provided CS that met my expectation. My issue with Invicta has always been the CS after the sale...from repairs to parts to accessories. As a result I just don't buy from them stress for me....
EXACTLY!!!!! If there is a problem, make it as palatable as possible for the customer even if you have to absorb costs and turn it into a positive experience. It really can be just that simple if policy dictates such.
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