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I managed to get my hands on an orca a few weeks ago, and just bought a Mono case. I cannot believe how easy it was to change the cases out. I am so impressed with the quality of this piece. Here are a few shots of it in both cases!

Insane lume as well:

This mono case is just out of this world

I love this watch so much, i didn't hesitate when I got the chance to pick up a Kalmar 2. I have one coming in on Monday :)
Btw, a shoutout goes to Danny T. I picked up a few of his straps and i can't wait to slap them on my new pieces!
Thanks for checking out my thread freeks

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Congrats on your new watch. Very nice.

When I saw this thread I thought you were talking about the CITIZEN ORCA model.
Many years ago I did own one of those and it is one of the coolest watch ever, lol

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