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And the Great COVID news keep coming in!

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Notice how the "Woke Stooge" author wrote the sub-title that Arizona has the worst COVID rates in the country, yet there were no new deaths and hospitalizations are going down.

The Panic Peddlers are doubling down!

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Got my first Pfizer vaccine shot about an hour ago and the next one is on the 30th! (y)
Oh wow that is terrific news sir ! :)馃弳馃(y)(y)

Keep us updated on how you are doing over the next
couple of days if you can, or want. ;) Hopefully it is
piece of cake for you. ..So glad you got it Steve.

Thanks very very much for the report !!!
Sure thing, right now I don't feel a thing! (y)
That is great ! 馃榾Let's hope it stays that way.
Right now my shoulder muscle is sore like I have a bruise right where I got the shot but of course, that is to be expected after getting a one-inch needle jabbed into the muscle! :giggle:

The nurse that gave me the shot warned me that people with larger muscles will feel more pain in the area where the shot was given. ;)

And of course, that's nothing next to the thought of being hospitalized and getting a ventilator tube shoved down my throat for a week or more... :eek:
Very true sir. ;) That arm pain is to be expected, and
nothing next to those other things you are talking about.
My mom had the same thing happen with her a week
ago when she got her J&J. So it鈥檚 absolutely nothing
to worry about. (y)

Want to thank you for the update, and please keep
giving us reports if you wish to !
Well it did kick in some, a little achy, and I slept about 12 hours in the last 15 hours, about to take a nap, but I feel fine other than that! ;)
Even though you aren鈥檛 feeling so great really Steve, it all
actually sounds normal from everything have heard. (y)
So it鈥檚 all good news honestly, even though it doesn鈥檛 fell
like it right now. 馃槈

Very good honestly. Thanks a bunch for the report !!!
Oh, I feel great, just tired from making all those antibodies! ;) (y)
Well keep it up sir. :) Sounds like you made it through the worst
part with flying colors actually. Then you have to just get that second
one in a few weeks right?! (y)
Yep, I understand the second shot can take a bigger toll on the body as it really ramps up the antibody production to much higher levels... ;)
Had heard that as well Steve, but fingers crossed that
it won鈥檛 be as bad, or nearly as bad as they say. (y)
1 - 6 of 30 Posts
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