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An Interesting G-Shock for Boaters, Amateur Astronomers and Outdooor Enthusiasts.

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Take a look at the Casio GW-7900-1CR . This is a G-Shock that includes moon phase and tide information as well as being solar powered and Multi Band 6 radio time synchronized. It also has the usual G shock stopwatch, timer and 5 alarm functions as well as battery charge status. The nightlight is an electroluminescent panel. MSRP is about $160 but the Amazon Warehouse lists several for prices in the $75 range currently.

Salt water boaters want tide info and both amateur astronomers and many outdoor campers and enthusiasts like to know the Moon's phase. If you want to look at the manual first it is Casio module 3193.

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Boy oh boy, yet another crazy cool Casio Astro ! 😎😎

I swear the amount of features they pack into their watches
kind of takes your breath away. All while the prices do the
same exact thing. I mean we always think of Citizen giving
us, or offering us a lot of bang for the buck. However Casio
really can’t be beat in that realm. (y)

Really want to thank you for the report Astronut !!!
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