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I received my new #3 Alpha B Auto SS 41mm, and #15 Delta Auto PVD yesterday, up here in Alaska. Upon opening my package, I first saw the Air Blue cardboard box. One had a smashed corner, and my package looked like it got tossed into the bottom of a USPS shipping container. The first box opened contained the Delta Auto. Unharmed and running. I like the strap material used. It's a nice mix of materials. Then I opened the Alpha B. Like the delta, unharmed and running. I have to admit that I dislike the strap on the Alpha B, but that is a minor personal preference. I'll have to watch the Air Blue site for bracelet options.

I do not have any way to post a respectable picture. Information is on the kick start site and on the Air Blue site.

Altogether I am happy with the presentation and final product I received. The keychain is a nice added touch and the build quality is what I would expect to see from Stan (Deep Blue).

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It's easy to exaggerate lume in a photo but this really is top notch right up there with other watches known to have really nice blue lume.

On my timegrapher it is -5 - +8 seconds per day depending on position. Really good!

The finishing on the case is not as nice as the more expensive Deep Blue offerings but for under $200 it's certainly acceptable. I'll take some better pictures soon.
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