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It鈥檚 puzzling when you can鈥檛 find out more about a watch right Peter?! 馃槸

At first I thought I had found the watch, it was more of a classic silver
dial I saw. And it had a silver bezel, but the concentric circles were a
bit different honestly. ..They did not take up the entire dial as the one
you are showing does. Also the inner bezel ring is stainless, not black
as it is on the one you are looking at.

Oh, and can鈥檛 say as to the engravings on the case-back, but the
number on this one below is CAF7011.FT8011.

It鈥檚 a real mystery it seems Peter. But hopefully someone here, or
out there can lend a helping hand. Or some insight.


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thank you ,from the brief info search I did im thinking the same ,for this type of watch the am pm engraving has to be there ,and on this its not im going to see it today ,but as you say its probably fake plus it don't work ,so unless he sorts the battery out then its a no go .thanks for the info forum is top notch as usual .
update deffo a fake ,probably it would tell the time but the rest was just looky likey,.thanks again guys appreciate your help.
You are very welcome, and yes, it looks like FBPB broke the bad news. 馃槃
A lot of times when you, or we can't find anything on a watch, it usually
means one of two things. ..Either it is extremely rare, and limited. Or it
is in fact a fake unfortunately. With the latter often being the much more
common of the two possibilities. 馃檨

The silver lining, or lemonade you made out of these lemons, is the fact
that you had the truth revealed before you bought the watch. (y)

So in reality, things worked out Peter ! 馃檪
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