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looking at a aquaracer 300m calibre s ,not sure of the age of this watch seller knows little about it , it hasn't got the engraved instruction on the back and caf1110,engraved divers head yes ,front dial is gold ,cant find anything on the net ,any help appreciated,battery needs replacing ,mods please delete the other thread .thank you
The one being offered to you for sale is likely a fake.

Maybe it is an older model and they changed the caseback, but the quality of the caseback in your photo looks far from what TAG Heuer normally make (even my 1992 TAG looks better that the one you posted).

From Chrono24 here is what the back of that watch should look like, notice the 3D look of the helmet and the way the texts / information is arranged:

Watch Analog watch Silver Clock Material property

Here is the listing on Chrono24 so you can compare the images: TAG Heuer Aqua Racer Calibre S Chronograph CAF7010 Divers... for $810 for sale from a Seller on Chrono24
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