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Hey, these are sweet too Steve ! 馃槷o_O

It鈥檚 the first time seeing them as well, so thanks so
much for the news !!! 馃槈

The U.S. exclusive thing is pretty neat because we
usually do see watches like this as JDM a lot of the
time. Oh, and absolutely love the dials, and specs. 馃榾
Could do with a lower price though. 馃槉

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I like the black one. But let鈥檚 be honest; that watch is ridiculous to wear with a button down with cuff links.

I鈥檇 wear it with a bathing suit and flip flops.

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I like Seiko and I like these watches.

Just puzzling why Seiko would not have included a chrome surround on the date window. It just looks so much better imo and at the asking price of these, the cost to include that would have been insignificant. I can't but help shake my head at Seiko sometimes.

Hopefully the chapter ring issues have been resolved.
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