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ABT's(atomic buffalo turds)

ok,here we go .these are a little spicey but very the recipe from another pit smoker pal of mine.

12 jalapenos

12 oz cream cheese

12oz cheddar cheese





roast the peppers over a fire to blister the outside skin(its bitter not good)

after that place in zip lock bag and let them sweat.peel and then core out the inside remove the seeds and viens.

in a bowl mix the cheese's and onion /garlic/salt pepper and whatever else you like

now ,stuff the peppers with the cheese mixure and wrap with bacon,stick with a toothpick so it holds the over/or bbq until bacon is done.

dig -in,enjoy

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I bet you are correct. I just showed my wife and I think we are going to try this recipe this weekend. Thanks!
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