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George - That is obviously a very nice and "pretty" watch.

But from getting to know you and seeing some of your watches you currently own or have looked at, it is definitely not the style I have associated with you up to this point. So it begs the question of - would you ever wear it or would it sit in your watch box and gather dust. Now I am not saying there is ANYTHING wrong with just buying a watch to be part of your collection, but personally I only buy watches that have a chance of being actually worn. That is me.

I do like the dial design with the inner side by side placement of the additional feature dials. It is similar to the layout the S1Rally watches had, but MUCH cooler with the middle circle large IMO.

The colors are also nice. Question - do you wear anything (clothing, watches, etc) with shade of blue color?

Overall a nice looking watch, but I do understand (and agree to be honest) with your wife's initial thinking.
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