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Back in 2005 while in LAX on my way to Thailand, I purchased a couple of watch magazines, an illustrated guide to vintage Watch Collectors, and Wristwatch Annual 2005. Browsing through the Wrstwatch annual I came across a watch called Sothis Quantieme Spirit Of Moon it has a unique moon phase complication that really caught my eye. It had a black dial, white hands, and yellow trim, absolutely stunning watch
So after a few weeks when I arrived back in the States, I called the North American distributor Watchbuys unfortunately, the watch I wanted was sold out but they had two with silver dials left so I decided to buy the watch.
Sothis takes its name from the Egyptian goddess Sopdet, it was the brainchild of Wolfgang Steinkrüger who started the company in 1996 and had a love of astronomy, all his watches are inspired by the stars. Unfortunately, Wolfgang died in 2012 and ownership was transferred to a Swiss group but all new production had stopped and the company ceases to exist. I believe you can still find Sothis watches being sold but they are now quite hard to get a hold of.
Now for the watch, it has a beautiful machined silver dial, with blued sword hands, the moon phase is quite unique to this watch and I have yet to see a watch with the same style of moon phase. The Moon phase has a yellow hand with a red accent on a silver sub-dial. The movement is an ETA 2824 with a Dubois Depraz module. The watch is also unique because of its stature being a ribbed case and sits high off the wrist and is almost perfectly round with screwed-in lugs. I do think that this watch in years to come will be worth more than all the watches in my collection together because of its collectability and being hard to find and those that own them are demanding a king's ransom,
I am thinking of getting the hands restored as they have oxidized and developed a patina which I am not all fond of but if I do I think I may lessen the watches value as it should keep its originality

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I have to agree with Timeonmyhand here above Bob, this is NICE ! 🤯😀

May I say too, that the patina on those hands is actually ridiculously
cool too to tell the truth. 😎😵Because if you did not know it was
patina, you would swear that it was done on purpose by Sothis. (y)..Seriously, the color is just beautiful and genuinely plays off of the
moon's colors in the moon phase at the bottom there. It's epic really!

And in all honesty 'epic' is the word that best fits this entire watch I
think. As well as 'specia' I think, because the rarity of it, as well as
the history of the brand and everything is just extraordinary.

Yup, this one's a grail of all grails Bob. 😉Please keep on enjoying
it, and thanks an absolute bunch for sharing it with us !!!

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Very nice timepiece, thanks for sharing. I have a love of moon phase watches as well and that is a unique version. The hands show history through their patina, but I’ll bet it’s striking with original blued hands as well
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